The Kicks Don Anti Sneaker Creaser / Crease protector / Sneaker Shaper


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We as sneakerheads love sneakers and we want to keep them clean, nice and in really good condition. Unfortunately, when you finally wear your desired sneakers, the toe box starts getting those ugly marks and creases. As sneakers enthusiasts we don���������t like that. That���������s why The Kicks Don offers a solution to prevent your new fresh sneakers from creasing.

These light and durable sneaker shields protect your sneaker toe box from creasing. With these anti sneaker creases your kicks stay fresh and in good condition.

These sneaker-protectors help you to:

��������� Increase the lifespan of your exclusive sneakers

��������� Improve the appearance & condition of the shape of your limited kicks

��������� Enjoy your sneakers longer and safe some money

These sneaker-shields are:

��������� Universal so they fit almost every shoe

��������� Easy to cut the protector if they do not fit in your shoe

��������� They can easily be placed inside the sneaker

��������� If no longer wanted, you can easily remove them from your shoe

��������� These anti crease protectors are light and have holes that still makes the shoe breathable.

��������� These shoe shields are soft and firm at the same time and has no effect on wearing or your comfort.

��������� Durable, Low-temperature-resistant, resilient & washable������

��������� High quality 3M double sided tape for long-term attachment inside the shoe

How to use the crease protectors in 4 steps

  1. Attach two tape strips to the upper side of the crease protector;
  2. Remove the top layer of the tape strips;
  3. Attach the sneakershield to the inside of the sneakers and press firmly for 10 seconds
  4. Start enjoying and wearing your protected sneakers.



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