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People around all over the world, share the passion for sneakers and exclusive items. In this market, supply is lower than demand and therefore getting hands on an exclusive item is getting more and more difficult. The Kicks Don shares this passion for sneakers and exclusive items and utilizes its channels of distributors, to help those getting their desired items.

est. 2019

How it started

“When i was younger i always loved sneakers. I started collecting the highly sought after sneakers and grew to an extraordinary collection. My passion for sneakers spread to my friends & family and they started asking me if i could help them getting their desired items. That’s when The Kicks Don was established, right from my bedroom.

I started selling sneakers on Marktplaats, United Wardrobe and various platforms, and became a toprated seller on all platforms. The business grew rapidly and it got out of hand. I know how it is to desire a pair and finding trouble to find it for a reasonable price. It is my mission to help you find your desired sneakers, while providing you with the most compelling shopping experience possible”.

Nike air max 1 sneakers

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This is what we value

Eco Friendly

We attach great importance to the environment and therefore we try to actively prevent environmental waste, by using recycled packaging and materials. We treat the environment like sneakers, with love and respect.

You happy, we happy

Your satisfaction is really important for us, and we will ensure that you will get the best customer experience.

No Fugazi

Our experts authenticate every product, to ensure that our clients get 100% genuine products.